Qr Code Reader for Android

This article will present you some of the best choosing regarding the QR code reader android. We will try to offer you a review of those free apps that can be used on these operating systems, to read the QR code from different products or posters.

The QR codes are represented by some distinctive bars drawn on a square, using white and black as colors. They can be publicized on posters, products, TV shows, videos and, generally, on everything you can place a symbol like this. To read them, you need to use a QR code reader (for android). This will reveal more information for the product in cause and will bring you to a webpage specially designed for this thing.

Our first QR code reader (for android) is as simple as useful when it comes about reading a code of this type. Its name is Barcode Generator/Reader and can be found on Android Market with a simple search. It will also help you generating a new QR code, so that you can place it on something you want with a very useful tool for those who want to advertise their business or websites.

Qr code reader online.

Qr code reader online.

ScanLife Barcode Reader is a QR code reader for android that works also for UPC codes. It also can be found on Android Market and will launch instantly the website or the video attached to the sign. Unfortunately, you can not make your own QR code by using it.

QuickMark QR Code Reader is even better than the previous ones, especially if you are used to check any type of bar codes you meet. This will read almost every barcode format that you may encounter during your walks or job in a very short time. It uses the QuickMark’s Chrome browser extension, which is a huge plus.

I-nigma Barcode Scanner is a QR code reader that stands among others in the top of these applications. You can find it in the Android Market. An advantage of this application is that it offers the possibility to search for lower prices of big online retailers, such as Amazon, eBay or Google Shoping.

QR Droid is a QR code reader for Android that can read barcodes saved on your phone’s memory or stored on the web. This means that you don’t have to use only your camera to access the attached page or video. All you need is a picture of the QR code and access to internet.

Barcode Scanner is a multifunctional QR code reader for Android. Not only that it scans QR codes, but also you can use it for searching reviews or prices. You can also make your own barcodes with contacts, bookmarks or apps, to share them with your friends.

Our last QR code reader for Android is mobiScan QR. This stands alone in this category since it uses less memory and offers a superior performance. It has only one function, but it is one of the best.

What other free QR code Android do you know?

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